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Your Bio


… to the oldest and most widely recognized website and picture portal for the troops who have transited through Bangor, Maine. The website http://WWW.MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM and this picture portal are dedicated to each of these troops and to their family members and friends. It received over 76 million "hits" in a little over two years.

Our guiding principle ... Above all else, “How does it benefit the troops?”

A brief explanation of each group follows.


MAINETROOPGREETERS .COM became a domestic non-profit in 2005 for the purpose of assisting our troops in areas not being served by the local greeters program. Some members of MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM are troop greeters who wished to offer a handshake and snack to those military personnel transiting BIA and then go a step beyond by offering something for the family and friends of these troops. This is mainly accomplished by taking and publishing their troop’s picture on this picture portal. Printing costs for the business cards used to inform troops where they can locate their pictures as well as the costs associated with maintaining WWW.MAINETROOPGREETERS. COM are currently paid for out-of-pocket or through donations when available. 100% of the funds received are used for Troop Support. There are times when MAINETROOPGREETERS .COM assists other worthwhile groups who have established programs which serve our deployed troops.


MAINETROOPGREETERS .COM has purchased individual 3’ X 5’ embroidered nylon flags for distribution to various units stationed in the Middle East. The Senior NCO presents these flags to individual troops demonstrating outstanding performance of their duties below the level of formal commendations. Units passing through Bangor may request participation in this program by writing to The 'Troop Video' and many of the musical videos on this website were created by the Webmaster. Videos of troops arriving at BIA were recorded and edited by a greeter/member of MAINETROOPGREETERS .COM. We are all volunteers for MAINETROOPGREETERS .COM and are happy to utilize our personal equipment, i.e., cameras, computers, printers, etc., to accomplish our mission. Items purchased through MAINETROOPGREETERS .COM for our troops include the flags, small toy items for troops to distribute to the children in Iraq and Afghanistan, books, school supplies, candy, Christmas/holiday items or other amenities that have been requested by the troops, family members or friends.

PAYPAL is available on the home page of our website at http://WWW.MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM

Email us at:

Snail Mail:
27 Clark Falls Rd.
Orrington, Maine 04474


Figuring prominently at many troop flights transiting BIA are the Freeport Flag Ladies. Each Tuesday morning you will find this trio of women standing on Main Street in Freeport, ME “wearing our country’s colors and waving the American flag”. They were ‘on the hill’ on Main Street without fail every day during the declared Iraq War. Whenever possible the Freeport Flag Ladies make the long drive to Bangor International Airport or to Pease International Airport in New Hampshire to meet troop flights. Depending on road conditions these trips can take from two to three hours each way. These ladies have taken thousands of pictures of the troops which can be found on their website

The Freeport Flag Ladies are always on the lookout for interesting toys, games, and magazines along with nutritious and tasty foods to include in the packages they mail weekly to the troops. Neck pillows for wounded troops are shipped along with shorts, flip flops and shirts. Everything these ladies do is paid for out-of-pocket or with an occasional donation. This requires them to devote a great deal of time to fundraising along with purchasing, packing and shipping items. A network of chaplains, other military personnel, family assistance programs, and family members, among others, provide contacts for their work.

If you wish to donate to this group please visit their website and use the Paypal button located there or make checks payable to “Freeport Flag Ladies/Elaine Greene” and mail to:

Freeport Flag Ladies
17 School Street
Freeport, ME 04032


The Maine Troop Greeters organization formed in late 2008 and is located at Bangor International Airport. This is not a new group of volunteers. Known predominantly as the Bangor Troop Greeters, this group simply established a formal organization and adopted the name Maine Troop Greeters which is the same name we gave our website in 2003. We remain, as always, two completely separate and independent organizations. When notified of military flights arriving at BIA members meet and greet the troops and have done so for many years.

Donations received by this group are applied to the purchase of convenience items, along with snack and candy items that have been determined appropriate for distribution to the troops transiting BIA. Greeters are very grateful to Verizon, (formerly Unicel) and US Cellular for donating the use of cell phones and airtime for troop use.


Be sure to check out the Music/Videos honoring our military located at http://WWW.MAINETROOPGREETERS.COM

Don't miss "Daddy, Where You Going?" performed by then 8-year-old Brian Wardwell.

Be sure to watch "Daddy, Where You Going?" Six Years Later

Another original song by Brian: "The Military Man"

Brian sings, "If You're Reading This" by Tim McGraw

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